Tutorial: Provisioning


In order for a client to connect to the DXL fabric it must be provisioned.

A provisioned client includes certificate information required to establish an authenticated connection to the fabric as well as information regarding the brokers to connect to.

Provisioning Options

The following options are available for a provisioning a client:

  • Command Line Provisioning (Basic)

    The provisioning process is performed via the OpenDXL JavaScript Client's command line interface (CLI). A remote call will be made to a provisioning server (ePO or OpenDXL Broker) which contains the Certificate Authority (CA) that will sign the client's certificate.

    Note: ePO-managed environments must have 4.0 (or newer) versions of DXL ePO extensions installed.

  • OpenDXL Broker Management Console

    The OpenDXL Broker Management Console includes a page that will generate and download client configuration packages. The OpenDXL Broker's Certificate Authority (CA) will be used to sign the certificates.

    Note: This option is not compatible with ePO-managed environments.

  • External Certificate Authority (CA)

    This option allows for the signing of client certificates using an external Certificate Authority (CA).

Updating Client Configuration

After the initial provisioning of a client, its configuration may need to be periodically updated. For example, if new brokers are added or removed from the fabric.

The Client Configuration Update via Command Line section describes how a client's configuration can be updated via the use of the OpenDXL JavaScript Client's command line.