SDK Overview and Prerequisites


  • One or more DXL Brokers:
  • OpenDXL Broker
  • DXL Brokers (3.0.1 or later) deployed within an ePO managed environment
  • Java Development Kit 8 (JDK 8) or later

Java SDK Contents

Directory File Description
doc   Documentation for the Java Client SDK.
lib   Directory containing the DXL client libraries.

The all version of the DXL client library.

This library includes all classes from the required third party libraries in a single .jar file.

This version of the library should be used with the Java -jar argument to execute the DXL client command line (for provisioning the client, etc.).

  dxlclient-0.2.0.jar The standard version of the DXL client library (does not include classes from third party libraries).
lib/3rdparty   Directory containing the third party libraries that are required by the DXL client library.
sample   Directory containing samples used to test the DXL client.

Maven Repository

Visit the OpenDXL Java Client Maven Repository for access to all released versions including the appropriate dependency syntax for a large number of management systems (Maven, Gradle, SBT, Ivy, Grape, etc.).



or Gradle:

compile 'com.opendxl:dxlclient:0.2.0'