Service MethodsΒΆ

To make a MISP API method available to the DXL fabric, the method name should be added to the apiNames setting in the [General] section of the Service Configuration File. The service registers a DXL request topic for each valid API name listed in the configuration file. A JSON document with the names and values for each API parameter should be provided with requests made for the DXL topic.

For example, to make a request to the MISP new_event API method, the following steps could be taken:

  1. Add new_event to the list of apiNames in the configuration file:

  2. (Re)start the DXL MISP service.

    The service should register the following request topic on the DXL fabric:


  3. Send a request for the DXL topic with a JSON payload which contains the desired parameters, for example:

        "distribution": 3,
        "info": "new event info",
        "analysis": 1,
        "threat_level_id": 3

    The service should respond with the contents of the stored event, for example:

        "Event": {
            "Attribute": [],
            "Galaxy": [],
            "Object": [],
            "Org": {
                "id": "1",
                "name": "ORGNAME",
                "uuid": "5ac3c55a-41a4-4294-adf3-00f8ac110003"
            "Orgc": {
                "id": "1",
                "name": "ORGNAME",
                "uuid": "5ac3c55a-41a4-4294-adf3-00f8ac110003"
            "RelatedEvent": [],
            "ShadowAttribute": [],
            "analysis": "1",
            "attribute_count": "0",
            "date": "2018-04-09",
            "disable_correlation": false,
            "distribution": "3",
            "event_creator_email": "admin@admin.test",
            "id": "169",
            "info": "OpenDXL MISP new event example",
            "locked": false,
            "org_id": "1",
            "orgc_id": "1",
            "proposal_email_lock": false,
            "publish_timestamp": "0",
            "published": false,
            "sharing_group_id": "0",
            "threat_level_id": "3",
            "timestamp": "1523287869",
            "uuid": "5acb873d-a914-4f9f-92b9-196cac110002"

The MISP DXL Python Service APIs are basically just thin wrappers on top of the underlying client APIs used in the PyMISP Python library. For a complete list of the available API method names and parameters, see the pymisp.PyMISP class documentation.