The VirusTotal API DXL service requires a set of configuration files to operate.

This distribution contains a config sub-directory that includes the configuration files that must be populated prior to running the service.

Each of these files are documented throughout the remained of this page.

Application configuration directory:

    logging.config (optional)

DXL Client Configuration File (dxlclient.config)

The required dxlclient.config file is used to configure the DXL client that will connect to the DXL fabric.

The steps to populate this configuration file are the same as those documented in the OpenDXL Python SDK, see the OpenDXL Python SDK Samples Configuration page for more information.

The following is an example of a populated DXL client configuration file:



VirusTotal API DXL service (dxlvtapiservice.config)

The required dxlvtapiservice.config file is used to configure the service.

The following is an example of a populated application configuration file:

# The VirusTotal API Key (required)
apiKey=-- YOUR API KEY --


The General section is used to specify the VirusTotal API key.

Name Required Description
apiKey yes The VirusTotal API key used for authenticating with VirusTotal.

Logging File (logging.config)

The optional logging.config file is used to configure how the application writes log messages.