Running Service

Once the URLVoid DXL Service has been installed and the configuration files are populated it can be started by executing the following command line:

python -m dxlurlvoidservice <configuration-directory>

The <configuration-directory> argument must point to a directory containing the configuration files required for the URLVoid DXL Service (see Configuration).

For example:

python -m dxlurlvoidservice config


The output from starting the service should appear similar to the following:

Running application ...
On 'run' callback.
On 'load configuration' callback.
Incoming message configuration: queueSize=1000, threadCount=10
Message callback configuration: queueSize=1000, threadCount=10
Attempting to connect to DXL fabric ...
Connected to DXL fabric.
Registering service: urlvoidservice
Registering request callback: host/info
Registering request callback: host/rescan
Registering request callback: host/scan
Registering request callback: stats/remained
On 'DXL connect' callback.