OpenDXL Streaming Java Client Library

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The OpenDXL Streaming Java client library is used to consume records from as well as to produce records to a Data Exchange Layer (DXL) Streaming Service.

The DXL Streaming Service exposes a REST-based API that communicates with a back-end streaming platform. The streaming service performs authentication and authorization and exposes methods to retrieve records and to send them.

One concrete example of a DXL Streaming Service is the McAfee MVISION EDR “Events feed”.


To start using the OpenDXL Streaming Java client library:

  • Download the Latest Release
  • Extract the release .zip file
  • View the README.html file located at the root of the extracted files.
    • The README links to the documentation which includes installation instructions and usage examples.
    • The Javadoc API documentation is also available on-line here.

Maven Repository

Visit the OpenDXL Streaming Java Client Maven Repository for access to all released versions including the appropriate dependency syntax for a large number of management systems (Maven, Gradle, SBT, Ivy, Grape, etc.).




compile 'com.opendxl:dxlstreamingclient:0.1.1'

API Documentation