ePO Broker Certificates ExportΒΆ

The certificate information for DXL Brokers must be available to DXL clients attempting to connect to the fabric. This certificate information allows clients to ensure the Brokers being connected to are valid (via mutual authentication).

The following steps walk through the process to export the DXL Broker certificate information:

  1. Navigate to Server Settings and select the DXL Certificates (Third Party) setting on the left navigation bar.


    If using an older version of the DXL ePO Extensions, the Server Settings in the ePO console may have only a single option for all DXL certificates (titled "DXL Certificates"). Click that setting, and proceed with the rest of the steps in this guide as normal.

  2. Click the Edit button in the lower right corner (as shown in the image above)

  3. Click the Export All button in the Broker Certificates section (as shown in the image above)

  4. The exported file, brokercerts.crt, will be saved locally.

    This file is specified as the broker_ca_bundle parameter when constructing a dxlclient.client_config.DxlClientConfig instance.

    This file can also be specified via a configuration file used to instantiate a dxlclient.client_config.DxlClientConfig instance.

    See the dxlclient.client_config.DxlClientConfig.create_dxl_config_from_file() method for more information.